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Fake Books

Book Cover Design, Typography

For me, book covers were the gateway drug to graphic design. Below are some fake book covers I've made and will continue to make. 


A Poor Man's Guide to Self Realization


A Self-help book for individuals who crave self realization and actualization but lack the time (time = money) to sit down and reflect.


Slow Down


fascinating perspective on one of the greatest struggles of the modern day.


No Other Place


Atmospheric and captivating. There are few things stronger than Connor's dedication to following his dreams. But what if one of those few things, is a big thing? Family ties cause Connor to question his purpose.


There is nothing wrong with Luna


Peter dedicated his life to the system, but everything changes when his daughter Luna ends up on the wrong side of the law. A moving story which depicts the lengths a father will go to protect his daughter from the system he helped create.


Fate and Other Feelings


In this stunning novella, Jane Orpin takes readers on a journey through love, pain and the concept of being in the right place at the right time.

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